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FOREST Side table

FOREST Šoninis staliukas

120 €

(su mok.)
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The Forest Side Table combines traditional craftsmanship and expertise with modern construction and materials. Forest is composed of an angular steel base in chic black and a tray in your choice of beautiful oak , offering you the best of several worlds: classic materials, expertly crafted design and contemporary style.

This is a very versatile side table which can be used in a number of settings and interiors. Try placing the Forest Side Table next to the settee, for practical surface area for your drinks, remotes, reading material or ornaments. Perhaps you would like some more surface area in the hallway, or maybe a chic bedside table?

For even more stylish interior design and surface area, try combining the Forest Side Table with the Forest Coffee Table, or use several side tables as a set. Choose matching trays for a clean, classic look, or add a bit of fun by mixing and matching the materials.